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The Cheshire Association of Local Councils is governed by a Constitution which is amended from time to time by the Annual Meeting.

The latest version of the Constitution was agreed at the Annual Meeting of Members in 2019 and can be found here.

Amongst other things the Constitution sets out the aims and objectives of ChALC which are to:

(i) protect and promote the interest, rights, functions and privileges of Local Councils;
(ii) advise, assist and train Local Councils in the performance of their duties; and
(iii) promote a widespread and well informed interest in local government.

The Constitution also sets out the arrangements for the role of the Executive Board which manages the interests of ChALC in accordance with the Terms of Reference. In addition to the obligation to elect members to a Finance Committee, the Executive Board also has the power to:

(i) Appoint committees and make rules for the transaction of their business,
(ii) Appoint representatives to NALC Council and to external bodies, and
(iii) Delegate any of its functions to such committees.

Any member wishing to know more about how to obtain a place on the Executive Board should contact the Chief Officer – Jackie Weaver.

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