There are a number of ways in which you can become a councillor. These are:

  • ordinary election;
  • bye election;
  • appointment by the principal authority;
  • appoitment by the council itself;
  • return after a successful election petition; and
  • co-option to a casual vacancy.

To qualify to become a member you must be:

  • a Commonwealth citizen (which includes being a British subject) or a citizen of a member state of the European Union;
  • over 18;
  • an elector of the parish; and in addition
  • have been either during the whole of the twelve months before the day of nomination or the day of election resided in the parish or within three miles of it or occupied as owner or tenant any land or premises therein or had principal or only place of work there.

It is therefore possible to sit on more than one council.

You may find this publication useful — It Takes All Sorts

For information on specific vacancies contact your local council clerk — each parish and town council will have its own website which will hold contact information for the one you are looking for.

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